Specialty in grilled meats with oak charcoal

Welcome to Can Dolç

Over 25 years
by your side

At Can Dolç we have always given priority to local products. Our specialty is grilled meats, made with oak charcoal, which is why many of the suppliers we have are farmers and ranchers in the region.

Among others you can taste our battered rabbit chops, dried snails with allioli and tomato, cod with garlic muslin, the typical toast with peppers and anchovies, micuit foie gras…

Finally, a delicious selection of desserts such as the famous recuit from Ca la Nuri Ullastret, the Rus of La Bisbal with muscat or homemade desserts such as chocolate cap, apple tatin, etc.

All accompanied with a careful selection of wines.

Some of our dishes

Smoked salmon

Snails with allioli and tomato

Goat cheese salad

Fried calamari

Beef fillet from Girona

Lamb chops

Battered rabbit ribs

Sausage with beans

Chocolate coulant

At Can Dolç you will feel at home